Relaxed smallholding courses
Relaxed smallholding courses
Relaxed smallholding courses
Smallholding Tours/ Family Learning Afternoons Meet the Animals More Information, Terms and Conditions
More Information, Terms and Conditions
Smallholding Tours/ Family Learning Afternoons
  • When you book, you are booking for you and your family/group alone. No other parties will be able to book your date. These family afternoons are exclusive and personalised. Therefore, if you have a particular interest in any aspect of the animals or our smallholding, please let us know at the time of booking so we can then tailor the afternoon to your choices.
  • We welcome families with young children as well as groups of adults and young people. Each group can have a maximum of eight people, with a minimum ratio of one to three adults to children.
  • Please arrive between 1.30pm and 2.00pm. All visits are for two hours from 2pm till 4pm.
  • Your guided tour will begin after introductions and a health and safety talk (see below).
  • You will be given the chance to feed the animals you meet, we will provide this food so please do not bring any of your own food onto the smallholding. Similarly, please do not give treats to any of our dogs (we have five!) other than those we may provide for you.
  • You will be guided around the smallholding: visiting and learning about each animal; why we keep them; how they live; the food they give us; their breeding; what they eat etc. Most of the time we will be entering the paddocks that contain the animals, it is therefore very important that any touching and feeding is carried out exactly as we have described in our health and safety talk (full health and safety guidelines here).
  • Once the tour ends, we will then serve tea and cakes, hopefully outside if weather permits.
  • The whole afternoon will last for approximately two and a half/three hours!
  • Parents are responsible for their children's safety, well-being and behaviour throughout the entire visit!
Health and Safety overview
  • We will give health and safety advice BEFORE we begin any smallholding tours/visits. Smallholdings can be dangerous places and even the best trained animals (or even inanimate objects) can be unpredictable. There is also a risk of bacteria being passed from animals to human. We strongly advise that you read our full health and safety guidelines BEFORE you make your booking.
  • Please wear clothes you will be okay to have nibbled, slobbered on or covered in mud BUT for bio-security reasons, ensure they aren't pre-slobbered! Similarly, clean wellies or boots are required! Indoor shoes will be needed if we go in the house for tea and cakes. If the weather is wet, you may want to consider a spare set of clothes – just in case!!
Getting here
  • If you come by car, parking is on our drive-in/drive-out drive.
  • You can get to us via train and taxi – our nearest station is Eggesford, you would need to get to Exeter and then go north on the Tarka line towards Barnstaple. We are a 10 minute taxi ride from Eggesford (you will probably need to pre-book).
  • A map and photos of where we are can be found here.
Payment and Cancellations
  • Payment should be made as soon as you receive our confirmation email (details of how to pay will be included in the email). We will hold your chosen date(s) for 48 hours until payment is made, after that we cannot guarantee to keep it for you.
  • We really hope you don't have to cancel but understand that sometimes life gets in the way... we reserve the right to retain a small admin fee of £10 if you do cancel as long as you give us at least 5 days notice. For cancellations made within 5 days of a booking we will retain 50% of the booking fee! If you cancel less than 48 hours before a booking, we regret that no refund can be given.
  • We will do OUR utmost not to have to cancel a booking, our first priority will be to arrange another date but failing that (if either we cannot arrange a date or you really cannot make the new one), full refunds will be given!
Full Health and Safety guidelines
When we invite visitors onto our smallholding we want you to have a fabulous time and we also want our animals to enjoy your visit too. Your health and safety is just as important as the animals' health and safety and as such, we operate very strict health and safety guidelines.

BEFORE ENTERING THE SMALLHOLDING, we will ask all visitors to do the following:
  • Check that the clothes you are wearing are both clean and appropriate for meeting and greeting animals.
  • Wash your hands under running water, using the disinfectant soap we provide.
  • Dip your wellington boots in our foot bath of disinfectant.
  • Make sure that any children won't need to leave half way through the tour for a toilet break.

ALL ANIMALS (AND MOST HUMANS!!) CARRY GERMS AND BACTERIA and some of these can be transmitted between the two (e.g. E.coli, Cryptosporidium, Campylobacter and Salmonella). The following advice is therefore given:
  • Hands must be washed under running water using our disinfectant soap, both before and after handling any of the animals.
  • Children should be told NOT to put their hands in their mouths whilst they are with the animals.
  • Kissing the animals and/or allowing any animal to lick you or your children is NOT encouraged.
  • No food must be taken onto the smallholding itself apart from feed we provide.
  • If you or your children have any kind of wounds or open cuts, these should be covered up.
  • Children should be told not to put their hands in any of the water troughs or pick up any of the straw bedding on the floor in the barn or field shelters.
  • As we have sheep and goats, we don't recommend coming onto our smallholding if you are pregnant. Sheep and goats can be infected with an organism called Chlamydia Psittaci, which, albeit rarely, 'can' cause miscarriage in women.

CHILDREN AND ANIMALS ARE A FABULOUS COMBINATION, to ensure that both sides have the best possible experience, we request the following:
  • NO running at all, anywhere..
  • Voices should be kept to a minimum volume
  • Any touching of the animals must be based on the advice given at the start of the tour (this will be reiterated as you meet each type of animal), e.g. alpacas hardly like to be touched at all and will shy away or even kick/spit if advances are made (although ours very rarely do the latter); most animals don't like being touched on the very top of their heads and/or they see it as an invitation to 'play' head-butting!!

  • Some of our fences have barbed wire across the top of them.
  • We may have some electrical fencing in place, this will be clearly identified.
  • Fields and paddocks will contain uneven ground and the ground may be wet and slippy in places.
  • Gates must be left as they were found, whether opened or closed. Care should be taken when handling gate fastenings.
  • Smallholding tools will all be in 'their place' and should not be handled at all.
  • We have 'goat playgrounds' set up for our kids and lambs: these are NOT for human enjoyment!!!
  • We advise staying together as a group at all times.
  • Farm machinery, trailers and storage areas are not play areas.

  • Hands must be washed under running water using our disinfectant soap.
  • If necessary boots can be rinsed before changing back into ordinary shoes.
Relaxed smallholding visits for teachers and families
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