Relaxed smallholding courses
Relaxed smallholding courses
Relaxed smallholding courses
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Why come on a Smallholding Course?
Why indeed???
Running a smallholding will give you the best days and the worst days, it will demand skills and muscles you never knew you had and it will provide you with the most fabulous rewards: goats' cheese with asparagus; lamb so good it doesn't need the mint sauce; the unconditional love of your animals (just as long as you have the feed bucket with you..) BUT... where to begin: how much land is 'enough'; what livestock is best to start with; what are the rules and regulations; is it affordable? Spending a day on the Relaxed smallholding will help answer these and more questions, as well as giving you the chance to meet other like-minded people and share dreams and experiences.

'Your home and smallholding are amazing, animals beautiful and so well trained and cake and farm produce delicious.'
Claire, Swindon

Why come on a 'Relaxed' smallholding course?
Our entire working careers have been spent teaching, advising and training all manner and ages of children, adults, animals and vegetables! We often debate what is easiest: teaching databases to a room full of adults or training a cow to go into a crush??
We both have a huge desire to share and educate as well as promote best smallholding practice together with the highest possible animal welfare standards.
Our livestock is ridiculously friendly and as such the courses will be very hands on!! And back inside the house we will all get the chance to eat, chat, ask more questions and relax (and meet the dogs).
The Relaxed smallholding courses will be delivered with passion, commitment and rigour, alongside a healthy dose of fun!

'Thank you both for introducing the new animals to us, love the cows. It was great to have the dog welcome and cuddles from Dragonfly. Plus excellent tea + cake.' Angela, Cornwall
Relaxed Smallholding courses
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